I participated in the Lotic Intersite Nitrogen eXperiment (LINX) while in graduate school for my Ph.D. This ambitious project labeled the food web of an entire stream with the stable isotope 15N for six weeks, while the stream was heavily sampled for water quality and biological parameters. The procedure was repeated at 10 streams from Alaska to Puerto Rico. This was my first experience working as part of a large research team.  In addition to supporting the main experiment, I also ran some “spinoffs”. One effort was intended to capture labeled emergent insects. I tried this at the Michigan, Tennessee, and Arizona LINX sites, but it didn’t work. I did get a real education in examining stable isotopes from my adviser, Steve Hamilton. Products include: Hamilton et al. 2001 and Hamilton et al. 2004.

  • Fields: Biogeochemistry, Ecology
  • Study Type: Field experiment
  • Ecosystems: Streams
  • Organisms: Mussels, macroinvertebrates