Freshwater Program Leadership

I lead the water quality, groundwater, stream animal, and anchialine pool protocols (see Management). This requires coordinating the work of three full-time technicians and two half-time technicians stationed on islands across the pacific (see Supervision). Rather than only implementing efficient project and program management, I have re-structured the freshwater program, beginning with defining its mission within PACN, setting long-term goals, changing the delegation of tasks, and re-writing performance measures for technicians. My purpose is to vertically align individual technician tasks, clarify expectations, create measurable performance standards, and demonstrate how technician work supports completion of long-term goals and the mission.


Pacific Island Network (PACN) Program Manager (GS-13 Detail)

In 2014 I completed a detail as the program manager of the Pacific Island Network, part of the National Park Service’s Inventory and Monitoring Division (IMD). During this time I maintained the required workflow of annual planning documentation to the region and board, created a new workflow to address required changes in budgeting documentation, turned-around the stalled implementation of our climate protocol with a modification to a CESU agreement, improved implementation of the groundwater protocol with an inter-agency agreement, and created other new contracts and agreements. Major accomplishments included:

  • Revised and delivered FY14 PACN workplan on-time.
  • Created and delivered the new financial plan and quarterly financial plan reconciliation on-time.
  • Obtained new office space to consolidate the staff.
  • Completed all hiring documents for two biological technicians and one administrative assistant.
  • Obtained $50,000 from IMD to support the climate protocol.
  • Obtained statistical training for the scientific staff by bringing an instructor on-site.
  • Assisted in the creation of an Inter-agency agreement with USGS.
  • Wrote a Contract with University of Kansas ($5,000).
  • Wrote an MOA with Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park ($10,000)
  • Wrote an Agreement Modification with the Western Regional Climate Center ($83,034).


Agency Representation

While at NOAA 50% of my time was dedicated to supporting the NOAA National Center for Research on Aquatic Invasive Species by representing my lab, center, and agency at scientific and regulatory meetings, workshops, conferences, and the Great Lakes Aquatic Nuisance Species Panel. I actively developed and maintained relationships with international, federal, and state agencies, universities, and non-government organizations.